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Presently we Provide support

We, RPR Industrial Supplies & Services Provide technical support in the following fields

Servicing of Air Circuit Breaker of all make.

Servicing of Bulk Oil Circuit breaker of all Make.

Servicing of 11kV, 33kV, Vacuum Circuit Breaker of all make.

Testing and commissioning of Vacuum Circuit Breaker

Pre commissioning Testing of Transformer

Testing of Protective relays C.T, P.T& meters

Third party inspection of PCC, MCC, AMF panel.

Providing design drawing for customer requirement panels

Supply and erection of PCC, MCC, APFC and other custom required panels.

Cabling, End termination of HT, LT Cables ETC.

Transformer Oil Filtration . Providing Emergency services for Transformer Faults and providing Standby transformer in case of rewinding of Transformer is required

Presently we Provide support

M/s. Hindustan Unilever & Unilever Industries for servicing of HT breaker and protective relay testing

M/s.ManjunathaEletrcial for Servicing ABB make VCB

Servicing of M.E.I, Siemens and Vyoma make HT,Switchgear panels for all their Clients Places across Bengaluru

M.s Indo US MIM Doddaballapur for servicing of LT ACB ABB make, L&T Make.

M/s. Sudha Electrical and Enterprises for pre commissioning test of VYOMA make VCB and HT XLPE cable end termination for transformer, VCB. Termination of control cable from Transformer marshalling box to VCB panel and OLG to RTCC panel.

Testing the transformer faults and trouble shooting of HT and LT control systems

M/s. Vinayaka transformer and Sri balaji Engineering system for technical support to solve the transformer fault signal from marshalling box to VCB panel and to get annunciation at both RTCC as well as on VCB panels.

Technical support to M/s. Vishwa Electricals for Servicing of HT VCB, LT ACB, LBS at High Temp. Furnace, KEMS forging, M/s. SANKHLA POLYMER. And other client places

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Our range of products is diverse and we believe that it would cater to a large market. We would definitely like to serve as many industries as we can. We welcome you to visit our products page regularly in order to get updated with new additions in our product catalogue.

We are constantly working on improving our services and expanding our line of products to ensure a comprehensive coverage.

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